About us

Everything started in the early 1930’s with his father, Florestano Funaro; a unique personality, ex ballroom dancer with a flare for dealing in antiques. 

This inspired Francesco Funaro, owner of “Le gioie di Funaro” to specialise in dealing antique & vintage jewellery and silverware. 

Following in his steps are the new generation: Gaia & Roberto Funaro. 

Below you can find a short story of our store. 

Livorno 1946

Florestano opens in Via Magenta 9, Leghorn an antiques gallery and in 1952 opens a boutique specialised in watches “L’Orologeria Svizzera” in Via Grande 175. Helping out in the store are his wife Clelia and his children Stella & Francesco.

Livorno 1972 - 1974

Francesco & Stella

Francesco and his sister Stella open their first general antiques shop in Leghorn. Two years later Francesco will venture solo in his business opening another store specialising in antique and vintage jewellery & silverware. 

Milano 1976


Francesco opens his first store in Milan, in Via Ozanam 3 with a section exclusively dedicated to Art Nouveau furniture and accessories, a style which was very requested in those years.

Milano 1981

Francesco creates “Le gioie di Funaro” in Via Pontaccio 17, Brera;  a suggestive area of Milan. The store still stands today and is entirely dedicated to antique and vintage jewellery. 

Milano 2014


In 2014 after a Degree and Masters at University College London, followed by various work experiences in the city; Gaia returns to Milan to work for the family business.